Professionally Restored BatMan on Card.   Original Mold and Plastigoop on Restored or Replaced Card. Ink pad has black pad without ink added (not shown) to protect card.
Original MOC Mint on Card SLITHEREES
Professionally Restored Creele Peeple  on Card.   Original Molds  and inset on Restored or Replaced Card. 
Reproduced Superplastic in 3 - 2oz bottles.  Green, Red, Black. Works in all Thingmaker Molds and Johnny Toymaker, Rings n Things, and Motorized Monster Maker
Molds by Topper Toys.  For More Super Plastic options go to the:    JOHNNY TOYMAKER PAGE.
Includes shipping!
WARNING! This Page Is Reserved For The Serious Mattel Thingmaker Enthusiast!
This Page Has Items That Are For Display And For Sale That Should Appeal Only And Especially To The Collector Who Has Been Severely Brain Washed (like myself) By Mattel During The 1960s .
If You Find Some Of The Items On This Page To Be Irresistable Then You Probably Meet The Criteria That Certifies You As Totally Nuts For Mattel Make and Play Toys.  
                                    You Are Not Alone!
I Have Some Of My Own Personal Collection Displayed And Some Items For Sale On This Page Along With Items From Other Collectors That Are Also For Display And For Sale.  If The Item Can Be Purchased Off This Page Directly It Will Have A "Buy It Now" Button Attached.  If The Item Is For Display Only It Will Not Have A Button Attached.  If An Item From Another Collector Is For Sale There Will Be A Link Or A Place For Contact Info Attached. If You Have An Item That Should Be Displayed Here Please Let Me Know!!
So go ahead Browse And ENJOY this page!!!!
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Includes shipping!
Includes shipping!
Includes shipping!
Rare Knock Off Goops From The 1960s
4oz Black GLOP Full Bottle
2oz Green GUNK-O Full Bottle
Collector Case for Your Fighting Men Thingmaker Toys 1968 
Collector Case for Your Creepy Crawlers   1966
Extreemly Rare Salesman "Flicker Badge from 1965 .  Not available to the public, only had by Mattel Toy Salesmen.  
Rare 1964 Vac-U-Maker Set , Complete in Excellent Condition

Rare 1964 Vac-U-Maker Set , Complete in Excellent Condition!!

Extreemly Rare Set of Plastigoop Bottles Found by my Fellow Collector and friend Bill Maines.  These original Bug Lable Plastigoop bottles from 1964 have a lable on the front and back!  The lable with the large Mattel Logo is seen in the original "Creepy Crawler Thingmaker Commercial" by Mattel.  I can only imagine this was quite possibly used as a prop in the original Mattel Commercial as I or my fellow collectors have never run across anything like this in our many years of collecting!     Great and valuable find my friend!