Collection Quality add on
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Premium Thingmaker Set

This is a $100 option that you can add
to any Thingmaker set for sale on the
What this $100 add on to the price of the restored set gets you is an all original Excellent in Box Condition set that is the best I have available with the least amount of wear.  Everything that comes in this set is original and from the 1960s. This set will be collector quality and is for Display or Investment purposes only!
This is not a Factory Sealed Set that has never been opened.  I have a limited number of those sets available.    If after your order I find that I do not have a quality set in my inventory I will contact you and offer a refund of the order or portion of the order that is not available.  I have a very big inventory so this is usually not the case.  Any questions please email me.
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